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A sad sad sigh

well i talked to imp again, we both agree that we dont want it to be this way but what's done is done. if we could both go back i am sure we both would try to change a couple things. but we cant do that and things have happened that cant be undone.......
So i told her today that it'd be best if i just wandered off for both of us want to do things that we both know we cant and wont do, and talking i know was hurting me so i figure it was hurting her too.
it hurts me cause i want her so bad and to see msn conspire to keep us apart too just bugs me. like we dont have enough with ourselves to get our own problems worked out to throw in a monkey wrench of unable to see people for no good reason as neither of us blocked the other. So because MSN pulled that crap she thought i didnt want her, and she moved on not cause she wanted to but cause she needed someone.
just sorry it wasnt me there for her i wanted ta be oh how i looked for her, but all in vain into far too late.........
So as i shimmered away saying good bye i told her my lap waited for her to return if she ever did which i really dont feel she will, so i shall have a lonly lap and that i would forever hold her tight in my arms and all she needed to do was to think of me holding her and she would feel me, then i whispered i loved her and was gone.
if she ever wants ta find me i have no doubts that she will have lil trouble doing so.....


May. 31st, 2006 09:55 pm (UTC)
i'd thought the same thing and ive found out the hard way too ................................ but thats ok what doesnt kill me makes me stronger right weak chuckle. whispers even if i couldnt change the out come i'd do it again...that says alot. blows a kiss



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