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What Makes Lady Sabrina Tick

A lil about me

15 March
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Here is a place to learn about me. This is a place for me to place random thoughts ideas and questions. A spot to place my stories and lyrics running throught my head as well. Take me as I am if you like me or not it is no skin off my nose. I am simply me if you don't like it I'll say I'm sorry it's your loss.
I am a 5'3 blue eyes that change with my mood brown haired dominant Bisexual woman who loves to write erotic stories draw watch movies as well as cuddle up with those i enjoy spending time with. i also enjoy role playing with those i cuddle up with. to have them at my mercy to do with as i please. a willing captive of mine. WEG
Again this is just my lil spot to be me. Ya like it fine a smile and nod to you. and for those that dont like it well a flick of my head at you have a wonderful day and goodbye.